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Beep Boop Bop marketing is a thriving, forward thinking company full of driven millennials. One of their employees doesn't quite fit in. Someone who doesn't have a twitter account, doesn't even have a smart phone. Oh and also is covered in green scales. Marty Finklestien, VP of Offline Marketing is a figurative and literal Dinosaur. He just can't seem to figure out all these tweets, googles, likes and pokes. But don't be too hard on him, technology advances so stupidly fast that all our 'hip' 'in the know' attitudes will soon become extinct.

Official Selection - San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (2016)

Official Selection - Sunscreen Film Festival West (2016)

Official Selection - Silicon Valley International Film Festival (2016)

Official Selection - Long Beach Indie Film Festival (2017)

Official Selection - Fifteen Minutes of Fame Film Festival (2019)


Best Animation - Fifteen Minutes of Fame Film Festival (2019)

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